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A Bit About Us

Just a note from Becky Louise

Just thought i would introduce myself to all you lovely people.

I am Becky Louise and i run this business or should i say dream. I have always loved being creative and making things from the young age of 3+ but as i got older i lost touch with my creative side due to different commitments such as work and collage.  A few years back when i was at collage i found my creative side again due to studying to be a teachers assistant. Until my family and I had a really tough year in 2018 when i had to leave my job due to my mental health, this is when i decided to take back up my crafting side again and produce some items for friends and family members for different occasions. They then encouraged me to sell the items that i have been making. So June 2009 i finally decided to bite the bullet and give my dream business a go.


At Handmade By Becky Louise, we take the art of shopping very seriously and strive to make your experience as fun and efficient as possible. We opened our store for those who are always on the lookout for that perfect product: affordable, lasting and beautiful.


I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped to make my dream become a reality.