Please remember to change the quantity For example you would like 2 masks you will have to change the quantity to 2 and then select the ones you would like in each design and note the pattern number down and what size it is as you will need to put these in the notes box otherwise you will be sent a random pattern out of the selected masks

All the 100% cotton fabrics that I have for the masks these masks may vary in shape and the patterns may not match up but will always have a filter pocket and nose peiceThe masks have pockets in to put disposable filters in which you can get off other sites and are made out of 100%cotton so can be washed @ 60 degrees to get rid of the germs 🦠

child size 1 / child size 2 Personalized face covering

Size 2 (7-12years)
size 1 (3-6 years)

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